Things That You Should Know When You Visit Manila

If you have visited the Philippines then surely you will know about Manila. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It’s home to millions of people and the first place of progression. Although as a while the Philippines is known as a laid back country and people love visiting the place because of its climate, there is a mix reaction when people talk about manila.

Sure manila has good things, but it also has some things that Filipino people hate about and there are a lot. For starters, the air is not that good in Manila, the traffic is bad, taxi drivers in airports are harassing people and there are a lot of dodgy places that you should avoid. If you don’t want to get into trouble while exploring the capital city, below are a few good tips to have a positive experience.

Use ride-hailing services: Surely you’re familiar with ride-hailing services and in the Philippines the monopoly if that is Grab (long story). Why choose it? Because its the only known and proven way that you won’t get scammed by taxi drivers. You’ve seen the news and the last thing you want is for that ruin your vacation. So if you want to be safe and even get good customer service go for a ride hailing service, you won’t regret it.

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Research on the places that you go: There are a ton of places to go to Manila for drinks, food, nightlife, shopping, vacation, sightseeing and many many more. Although there are some really good places, there are also places that are bad like some with bad reviews and so on. There are many places to go in Manila and the last thing that you want to have is a bad experience.

Know the neighborhood that you need to avoid: Just so you know, manila isn’t a paradise like what you saw in commercials. There are areas there that are dangerous for tourists. You should avoid places like Tondo, Vaseco and so on. Not because the place isn’t pleasant but because of safety concerns. Once you know those places then you know the places to avoid.

Manila is the capital city in Luzon. It’s also the most popular one second to Boracay and if you plan to go there for a vacation there are many things that you can do there. Its rich culture, food, scenes, and sites will keep you on your toes. Although Manila is a great place, there are places that you should avoid, places that have security issues and places with bad services. Aside from that, it’s important to have your GPS at all times so that you won’t get lost and use ride-hailing services. But before all of that, you need to find a good place first to crash in. If you are looking for some good manila hotels to stay in, click the link.