Emergency Vietnam Visa: How to Get One?

Why one might need an emergency Vietnam visa?

Many applicants might end up requiring an emergency visa to Vietnam because of the following reasons:

  1. Some misunderstand that a visa on arrival can be done without the holding an approval letter from the Immigration department. This is not true. A letter of approval is must for travel in the country.
  2. Another reason is that the applicant could have unscheduled ties of business in the country. The urgent visa can be obtained in 2, 4 or 24 hours as well.
  3. The applicant isn’t sure of their working time while they are in the country. Having no information implies that they would wait at the very last minute for application for a visa. Few people realize that thousands travel to Vietnam every day. Just because the Immigration department of the country hardy has an off doesn’t mean your process while be done soon enough.
  4. Applicants think don’t need to arrange for visa to Vietnam thinking they can get one on entry into the country.

An urgent or emergency visa can only be readied on 2, 4- or 8-hour bookings. Vietnam visa bookings have to be done before 9:00 PM by the country time during working days.

Requirements for an emergency Vietnam visa

First of all, the applicant must have a valid passport with at least 1 free page for the Vietnamese visa stamp. 2-3 color photographs with the applicant’s full front view against a plain background are required along with the proof of reason of immediate requirement of the visa. The applicant is required to also state his duration of stay and where he/she will be residingwhen in the country. If one does not submit these documents, then the emergency Vietnam visa application form shall get rejected causing much delay in the proceedings of the same. Such a process can be initiated through any nearby travel agency or tour operator.

In the application form, it must mention personal details and one can send this information via e-mail. The travel agency will then verify the information after which you can pay the visa fee. Post this process, you shall get a conformation. If the information you have provided is correct, getting your visa in such a situation should be hassle free.

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Application Process for emergency Vietnam visa

To apply for an emergency Vietnam visaon arrival, one needs to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. They must go to an online visa website and fill out an application form.
  2. Next, the applicant will be asked to make a fee payment. You can pay through wireless transfer, PayPal or Internet Banking. Some websites even offer Western Union support.
  3. You should receive the approval letter via fax or e-mail. Download and keep that letter with you. You will have to present this letter when you arrive in Vietnam at the airport.

Many people forget about the visa procedures in Vietnam and therefore, have to resort to the use of an emergency Vietnam visa.


Getting an emergency Vietnam visa can be a hassle-free process provided you keep all the necessary documents ready with you. Many people fail to do the same and fail to get the visa extended well in time. It’s important to understand that you must keep the time difference in mind when you apply for such an emergency Vietnam visa. In Vietnam, the working hours range from 8AM to 5PM. The processing fee is cheaper than the process. The amount charged depends on the level of the situation. If someone found themselves stranded at the airport without the required emergency Vietnam visa, they can call up a local tour operator to get it done for them so that they can easily enter the country within an hour or 2.

To urgently have this process implemented, there is a rush option. One can get their visas within 4-8 hours’ time. Some agencies even manage to get morning requests pushed through with contacts to get you the approval letter by noon. There is also an urgent noon Vietnam visa request for those who want an approval letter within a day. Emergency Vietnam visa should take you far less time, but the service does definitely cost you more.

Having an emergency Vietnam visa will safely get you into the country if you’re dire need. Even business purposes, these visas can be obtained by paying up a small fee for speeding up the process.