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There is enough new touch brought about with the Piermont Grand EC Project. It came up in the form of the Piermont Grand Executive Condominium. There is an option to go well with the Piermont Grand Show. There is E-Application also applicable here which can be the best support to allow one to apply online. This can also allow one to have the look of the show flat. It can also help one to get an idea and  Check the latest site plan as well as additional floor plans. They are also updates about Sumang Walk EC which is also Launching for Sale. Piermont Grand can be the best.This is presented by the City Developments Limited. There is also huge innovation brought about with the development of the Piermont Grand Executive Condominium eight is totally developed by the CDL. There is also innovation with the Piermont Grand and is working on the manner of the new executive condominium which is totally located right in the heart of Punggol. This is totally planned out with City Developments Limited. One can enjoy the Piermont Grand Sumang Walk which completely sits on a land parcel.

Maximum facilities with the complex

 That’s the place which is slated and is totally  considered to be Singapore’s first Digital location at the Digital District. This is also located near many transport options. It can be the best and there is no chaos around the Punggol area. The location is perfectly on the manner that Piermont Grand EC Sumang Walk totally sits right beside the My Waterway@Punggol. This can be the best one which offers the opportunity for residents. Such opportunities can allow them to own  EC unit. This is the location which is found at the landmark waterfront district.

Piermont Grand


this can be the best offer in terms of the pleasant and unblock sceneries. The location of the Piermont Grand Executive Condominium offers a rare opportunity which can be really the best which can go well with the buyers .thsi is the best opportunity for the ones who are looking for the right  EC unit.  it is the best in the North East area. There are also EC units all of which are presently taken up. They can be the best in terms of a unique and serene lifestyle.