Is co-codamol safe during pregnancy? Does it get into breast milk?

Co-codamol is never recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding stages. There can be safer medicines that pregnant women can go for. Therefore, ask your physician before planning to buy Co-codamol tablets. The medicine consists of paracetamol and codeine. Whereas paracetamol is considered safe to take during pregnancy but Codeine is not.

In early trimesters, codeine has been known to cause some serious problems to the unborn baby. So, if you take the medicine during the pregnancy there is a high risk that your baby may get some withdrawal symptoms after the birth.

Is Co-codamol safe to consume during pregnancy?

  • Always get a medical advice from your doctor or gynecologist before planning to buy Co-codamol especially if you are a pregnant woman.
  • As discussed above paracetamol is not harmful if used during pregnancy. However, if you consume codeine regularly during the third trimester then it may cause you the withdrawal symptom in your baby. in addition to this if Co-codamol is used during the late labor then it can also cause some serious breathing problem in your baby right after the birth.
  • The medicine must be avoided during the pregnancy as well as during the late labour stages, unless it is recommended by your doctor.

consume Co-codamol

Is co-codamol safe to be consumed during the stages of  breastfeeding?

    • If you are a mother of a newly born baby and breastfeeding then you are suggested not to consume co-codamol.
    • Codeine may pass through your breastmilk in small proportions that are somehow too small to be harmful in most cases. Whereas, in others it can increase the risk of affecting people with some serious health-related problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women who are breastfeeding must not consume Co-codamol due to the presence of codeine. It is also not possible to predict which one of you will metabolize the medicine in a different manner. But, potential side effects in a baby who is in his nursing stage may include symptoms like drowsiness, vomiting, difficulty during breastfeeding, sedation and more.
  • So, in case you do breastfeed, make sure that you do not consume co-codamol without consulting your doctor.always seek emergency if your baby shows any of the above-mentioned symptoms especially if you are taking codeine.