Guide for wearing black suit

Even though the suits are available in many different colors, men are highly attentive towards the black suits. This is because black suit is suitable for all the skin tone and it also provides them the best look when compared to the suits in other colors. But it is to be noted that even though they are very much passionate about black suit, they are not aware of the color combinations which are to be preferred while wearing them. Here are some of the best suggestions which they must take into account while wearing the black suit.

black suit color combinations

Black suit and blue shirt

One of the secret of many men is their black suit and blue shirt. The dark colored shirt will not make a right choice but the light blue shirt will be the perfect option for black suit. It will be suitable for the official meetings and they can also be preferred for any kind of personal events. This combination gives a majestic look to the wearers and will also helps in enhancing their confidence. This is one of the major reasons why many leading business men prefer this kind of combinations in their dressing. Apart from blue shirt, the silver white shirt and light pink shirt will also make the perfect option for black suit.


Obviously the next important factor which is to be considered is the tie. The necktie should be chosen based on the shirt. One must remember that it must suit the black coat and as well as the shirt which is worn inside. The black suit color combinations will be quite easy if the users are aware of the tactics involved in it. In case if the shirt involves any kind of design, it is better to avoid the tie which involves stripes or any other design.


Men will feel incomplete if they fail to wear the right shoes. While considering shoes for black suit, undoubtedly it can be said that the black shoes are the right option for the black suit. For better look, one can move for the derby black shoes. However, wearing the best quality shoes is more important in order to have a graceful look and also to remain comfortable. Apart from these, pocket square can also be preferred. But while moving for pocket square, the light colored one should be chosen for black suit.