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Brixed app


We are all familiar with this arcade game, but have you ever played it with gravity? Trying to hit the bricks while they float around is much harder, but definitly much more fun. This game also includes completely new powers that you can use, or will be used against you.

Release: 2013/09/30

Describble NL

Describble NL

Dit verslavend woordspel is erg eenvoudig: U moet raden welk woord er wordt gezocht. U krijgt hiervoor vier tips; per tip krijgt u tien seconden om éénmaal te gokken. Het spel omvat alledaagse voorwerpen en handelingen, en ook voeding, films, series, en verschillende bekende personen...

Release: Binnenkort

Brain-training app

WIP: Brain-training game

This educational brain-trainer is extremely simple, yet hard to master. It has characteristics of Memory, but it will be more challenging. Even more, there is more variation and it only ends when your brain fails to cope with the challenge. This game will release after Describble.

Release: Not available

Puzzel/Arcade app

WIP: Puzzel/Arcade game

A complex puzzle app where you have to destruct via a smooth and easy gameplay. Although some thinking is required to guarantee a win, it is possible (and fun) to play like a maniac with a fetisch for destruction. Featuring bonusses, special abilities, unlimited levels,...

Release: Not available